My mind makes connections to the past when I am making art.  As I form a pot from clay, I think of pot-making through history.  When I weave, I cannot get over the fact that I am making fabric from thread, as women from centuries past have done.  I am keenly aware of people through out time when I am working.

I recently came across a treasure trove of old fish-net floats, in great condition after years spent bobbing on the river.  I knew they would make a wonderful canvas for an upcoming Small Works exhibit in town.  I selected the smoothest of the cork floats for my first attempt.  The smoothest cork is no where near my roughest canvas… it wasn’t what I wanted it to be.  After much trial and error,  I came up with a solution I thought could work.

It did.  I am very pleased with these small works. I learned a lot along the way.  I love the story behind the cork and it has touched the hearts of more people than I expected it to.  These little treasures, a blend of past and present, have been a fun experiment in painting small.



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